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Spread Trading

Implement simple pairs and advanced multi-leg custom spread trading strategies to generate profits and mitigate potential losses in fluctuating markets.

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Auto Hedging

Create and execute custom hedging strategies with the logic of any complexity. Manage your hedge orders in real time.

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System Management

Monitor and manage the execution of your orders in real time. Track system metrics in Grafana and Graylog.

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Quick Launch

Extremely short time to market for running your personal application instance in Amazon AWS private cloud.

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Perform real-time monitoring of trading statistics, including day trading volume, open volume on the market, P&L.

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Custom Spreads

Enjoy the flexibility of creating cross-exchange spreads with an unlimited number of legs and advanced configuration parameters.

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Use REST/WS API for programmatic management of algo orders. Perform market screening and create/run synthetic instruments and algo orders on the fly.

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Rich Connectivity

Access over 40 trading venues: leverage a collection of market data and trade connectors available out of the box.

About Spread Trader

CryptoCortex Spread Trader is a professional spread trading software developed by DELTIX for institutional traders and arbitrageurs allowing the creation and execution of custom spread trading strategies of any complexity. 

Create, configure, run, and monitor exchange traded synthetic instruments from a single web application. Enjoy the flexibility of creating multi-leg and cross-exchange spreads allowing users to implement any spread trading logic of their choice. 

Leverage quick connectivity to over 40 most popular traditional and crypto exchanges to trade a wide variety of instruments on liquid platforms. 

About Spread Trader