Execution Server

Execution Server (code name “Ember”) specializes in reliable and fast processing of trading signals for financial markets. Ember is also a stream processor for high-frequency trading. Ember follows modern event-sourcing architecture and is inspired by Disruptor and Aeron. The system is optimized for low latency but can process up to half a million trading signals per second on a single server node.

 Refer to Ember  documentation to learn more about this technology.

The product design is extremely flexible which allows for the implementation of any configuration to fit specific business needs:

  • A runtime platform for execution algorithms, custom matching Engines, and market-making solutions
  • Normalized FIX Order Routing gateway to different execution venues
  • Centralized pre-trade/post-trade risk monitoring system
  • Trading Gateway and main orders execution engine for C2 trading platform
  • Software platform for Market Making solutions
  • Matching Engine with FIX API
  • Replicated OMS with single-digit latency
  • Exchange Simulator
  • Smart Order Routing
  • And more

Core Advantages 

  • Ultra-Low Latency and High Throughput
  • Low Memory Consumption
  • Low Onboarding Cost
  • High-Load Performance
  • Out-of-the-box industry-standard execution algorithms
  • Proprietary Matching Engines
  • Built-in Trade Simulator
  • Transaction Cost Analysis module
  • Flexible risk management
  • Flexible data warehousing options
  • Intuitive Web GUI
  • Security standards compliance
  • Rich and well-documented API/SKD


Execution Server Monitor

Execution Server Monitor tracks system telemetries, order executions, and trading sessions. It can be used to configure custom risk rules at a strategy level and much more.